Making Apple Crumble

Last week, right before Easter, we tried to make an Apple crumble, because we read about it in our Project Student´s Book and we wanted to try, if it works 🙂

We divided in two teams ( the Boys´ team and the Girls´ team) and, with help of our assisstant Zuzka, we started preparing our dessert.

Although there was some very old equipment in our school kitchen (especially ovens), we managed to prepare everything and could start with baking.

The boys added some blue colour in their crumble so it looked really „special“ 😛

When we finished baking, we couldn´t wait to taste our recepies! Both were excellent, and we ate them all! Especially, when we put cream on the top of the crumble, it was delicious.

Some students took a bit of their dessert home, to let their parents taste what they´ve made. I hope they liked it! 🙂


Jitka, English language teacher