Horror story

I v Teams zvládají žáci pracovat ve dvojicích. A nedávno tak společně popustili uzdu své fantazii při psaní hororových příběhů v AJ. Kdo se rád bojí, může se začíst!

In the grave

Anežka Tobková, Lucie Polnerová

Sleep slowly left me, but if there was sleep, I don’t know. When I opened my eyes I saw only darkness. I had a very bad headache, but it was probably normal since I fell yesterday. I went with my friends to the bridge, I slipped on the ice and fell into the road. Nothing happened to me but when I stood up someone with a bike bumped into me. Then I only heard a scream until I saw black.

Now I can hear a voice. There are people standing around me. I already feel fairly well. I want to stand up but I can’t do it. My muscles don’t listen to me. What happened to me?! Suddenly I hear someone crying. But I heard other sounds as well. I heard singing, sad and quiet, I heard… the priest, I think it was him, because he gave a funeral speech. Wait, what??!! Not possible! Who died? I don’t remember anyone dying. Abruptly a blow came. And then nothing. Just silence. I finally realized. I. I am the one, who died. I am the one, who was in the grave. I am the one. A complete end. I am dead…


Teddy story

Martin Hromada, Matyas Maier

A family moved into a house. They had 2 children who loved to play in the loft. There was a chest in that loft.
And there was a teddy bear in the chest. He was broken and lacked a leg and an ear. The children were a boy and a girl.
The brother often scared his sister by knocking on her door. One day the bear disappeared. Children told their parents.
One night the girl heard someone knocking on her door. She thought it was her brother. When she opened the door a bear stood there.
The bear approached her slowly. She jumped over him and wanted to close the door, but man with a skull on his head appeared behind her…



Sebastian Havel, Lukáš Sauer

It was a normal day, like any other. I was watching tv with my friend Edmund. “Hey Enrique, what about we get some food?” He said.

We got up the couch and went to get some food from kitchen.  I opened the fridge, and smelt something disgusting “Eew, rotten cheese!” I mummed. “Enrique, did you hear that?” Edmund yelled at me from distance. And I indeed did hear that, it was some weird cracking sound like cracking wood, coming from living room. We headed back to living room to check what happened. We were surprised with what we saw, the screen of the TV was red.

After a while we realised, that walls are red too. And then floor, ceiling and many other things… We didn’t see them turning red or like anything, I never paid so much attention to them, since they were just another ordinary object in my home. “Were they always red?” I thought. Edmund was shocked, it looked like he knew this wasn’t right. He turned and ran to garden. After a while, like 2 or 3 minutes I followed him.

Edmund was nowhere to be found. Not so surprised I found out that the whole house is red now, fence and even sky. Only grass stayed bright green. But there was something on the ground, there was big stain of red. I stared at it for few seconds, then minutes, maybe hours.

Then grass was green no more, only red. In fact, everything was red, even air around me. It started to be hard to breath. “Looks like red air isn’t really breathable” I thought for myself. I started suffocating, it really was unbreathable, for breath moment I thought this will be my end, but then, I something in front of me. It was red, but more intensified than the rest. Everything else was bright red, but this was… Dark. Then I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was back the couch looking at tv. Everything was ok, even the tv worked. But Edmund was still nowhere to be found. After my parents returned home, I told them everything that happened. Parents of Edmund started a search for their lost kid, but Edmund was never found.

Years passed, and nothing unusual happened, I lived a normal life, found a wife, and had 2 children. Then one day I went to visit my parent’s home. They welcomed me and told me to fell like at home. I sat on the same couch I sat with Edmund that day. I turned on tv, hearing many familiar sounds. I was shocked when I realised that it’s the same show we watched with Edmund back then. Then I saw someone behind the window. It was Edmund, wearing red clothes smiling at me. “Edmund!” I yelled. I ran out to ask Edmund millions of questions, but then I realised, screen of tv was red. Together with everything else, except the grass, but there wasn’t that red stain this time. I stood next to Edmund, looking into his eyes. They were red. I fell to ground, and saw that air turned red. I couldn’t breathe, I started suffocating.